Monday, October 15, 2007

Basing and Second Thoughts

I don't like fooling with smaller bases than I feel I have to. So, every base is a single battalion, squadron, or battery of 4 cannon. I like big units of 6mm figures. So, every battalion has 3-4 ranks and every squadron has 3 ranks.

At 1cm =25 paces, my squadrons and batteries are crowded. Also, my squadron depth of 4cm is inconvenient for a lot of things, including movement and formation change mechanics and also cross-compatibility with Polemos.

I'm thinking of reducing my squadrons and batteries to 3cm depth. Then my squadrons would be 6 figures and I could nearly instantly expand my cavalry by 50%. Reducing the depth of batteries would only make a bad situation worse. Perhaps this could be alleviated by widening them to 3cm at the same time. I need to look into the relative effects of making a 4-gun battery take up 50% more frontage, versus increasing the Fire Points of the battery to account for 6 guns.

Lastly, if I sought cross-compatibilty of basing with Polemos, my Anglo-Dutch are going to need a rebasing, and a slight reduction in figures from 40 in an 8cm front to 30 in a 6cm front. Presto! A 33% increase in battalions. (OK, not so fast, there's a bit of repainting and painful rebasing involved in all this.)


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