Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rebasing Campaign Starts

I'm looking to stretch my troops and get them based to be cross-compatible with Polemos and Ga Pa.

That means my cavalry, formerly in 3 ranks of 3 on a 20mm x 40mm base will go to 2 ranks of 3 on a 20mm x 30mm base. Then a single base will be a single squadron in Ga Pa and three in a line will be a brigade (regiment) in Polemos. It also means I'll be spinning off new units left and right by only painting a few extra figures and hopefully without doing much repainting.

For the infantry, all the 3-rank, platoon firing infantry that had a frontage of 80mm will be going down to 60mm. In the process, each will shed about 8 figures. That means for every 4 battalions, Icould get one more, but we'll see how that plays out with the desire to do little repainting, too.


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