Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quick-Look Book Review: "Memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon"

I found a reprint of the memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon a couple of days ago at Barnes & Noble. I was stunned. It isn't often you find anything on the period of Louis XIV in a mass-market bookstore. This edition is a c.1967 translation being reprinted in three volumes by 1500 Books.

Volume 1: 1691-1709, Presented to the King, is available now.
Volume 2: 1710-1715, The Bastards Triumphant, is scheduled for November.
Volume 3: 1715-1723, Fatal Weakness, is scheduled for December.

I have already read several chapters and find it fascinating, even if he does tend to go overlong on some stories. He doesn't spare us his personal opinions, which can even be seen in the choice of a subtitle for volume two. Also, best of all for those who just want to dip into it, it is chaptered by year and has a lengthy index.



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