Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dismounted Dragoons

Finally, a picture of my French dragoons after dismounting.
Here are 3 squadrons, each needs 2 bases at 20x20mm. So, each squadron takes up exactly the same space as when mounted... at least until I break down and rebase my cavalry.
Base 1 is 6 troopers loading and firing in two ranks. Base 2 is a trooper holding 3 horses.
Hey, how about some Austrian dragoons? Here they are, complete with the troop of grenadiers:

More Troops

Here is a French Dragoon regiment of 3 squadrons. No, I can't remember off hand which regiment this is.

Here are two battalions of the Dutch army. On the left, Jamaert (actually Walloons), and on the right, Pallandt (which I also have in 15mm)


I haven't been active with the blog in months. One could say I've never been active at all. I've been getting ready to relocate southward and have been very busy. Sorry. Life intervenes.

Anyway... Coming up, more troopies!