Thursday, November 27, 2008

My "Dutch" Army

My Dutch infantry consists of...
  • a small brigade of Dutch foot: Jamaert, Pallandt, and Van der Beek
  • a small brigade of Swiss: Albemarle and Hirzel's regiments
  • a small brigade of Scots: Colyear's, Murray's, and Dalrymple's Fusiliers (pictured)

The cavalry consists of four regiments of two squadrons: Erbach, Oostfriesland, Paul, and Tengnagel

There is also field artillery
4 stands of 3#
1 stand of 6#
1 stand of 12#

and a siege train, which is my primary siege train for the pro-Habsburg forces:
3 stands of 18-pounders and 2 stands of mortars

Here is the siege train-- need some transport for the mortars. Sling carts, I think. OUCH!

I need to increase the amount of Dutch infantry. I'm not going to let the Dutch fight the French to the last Scotsman.

Currently, by adding in subsidy troops and allied contingents from across the Holy Roman Empire, I can field up to an 800 point army (in Ga Pa terms). That's 19bn/38sq/52guns in more real terms. I can even field the 400 pt Dutch army simultaneously with my 400pt English army.

As for Malplaquet-- this isn't nearly enough.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


The year of Malplaquet is just around the corner: 10 months to go to the 300th anniversary.

Is there just enough time to get a game ready?

I need to figure this one out quickly.