Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Archbishop of Cologne

In the rebasing of the Bavarians, I said I'd create four battalions of infantry and maybe a squadron or two for Cologne. Why? Because I already have five squadrons of cavalry (soon to be 7.5 after rebasing). See...

Life Guards - 2 squadrons
Carabinier Garde - 1 squadron
Chassonville's Dragoons - 2 squadrons

Now, the whole army had only 6 battalions and 11 squadrons, so I'll almost finish it without adding a single new figure. I still need to figure out how to use the cavalry figures spun off by rebasing. That's coming. Hang on.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Too Many Bavarians!

Look at this! It's just too many Bavarians for any practical need. I had 11bn, 21sq, 20 guns, which would stand in for about any Bavarian force that I'd need-- if you were willing to keep a dragoon regiment and Boismorel's Grenadiers in the field after 1704. Then I bought 8 stands of 24 inf and 4 stands with 32 cavalry.

This is screaming for reusing some figures as the army of the Archbishop of Cologne, or padding out my foreign (German) regiments of the French army.

I can combine the 8 stands of 24 infantry to form, with very little repainting:
  • 2 Battalions of the Cologne Leibgarde zu Fuss (1st bn with 2 flags, 2nd bn with 1)

  • 1 Battalion of Cologne Regiment Bernsau (1st bn with 2 flags)

  • 1 Battalion of Cologne Regiment St. Maurice (1st bn with 2 flags - yeah, my drawing is off)

  • 1 Battalion of Bavarian Regiment Spilburg (so Boismorel won't appear at Blenheim!)
I'll get the chance now to build the 4th horse regiment of the Bavarian army just by expansion. Here's what will happen:
  1. Dragoons: add 9 new figures and repaint 9 to spin off second regiment (low priority since they didn't outlast 1704)

  2. Leibregiment: 3 redundant horse grenadier figures will sit a while. 6 in hats, with minor repainting, form a squadron of the Prinz Philip carabiniers.

  3. Prinz Philip Carabiniers: 9 existing figures stay, 3 with with blue facings get repainted to stay. Repaint 9 blue to red. Donate 9 with blue facings to Arco (actually, they were originally painted as Arco!). Finally, 6 figures in blue with blue facings get spun off to a unit to be named later

  4. Arco Kurassiere: 27 fig in hats receive 9 from Pr Phil, above and are complete. The 27 in helmets and blue facings will split up with 18 going to a new regiment (Poth) and 9 going to Wolframsdorf.

  5. Costa Kurassiere: 27 in helmets and red facings plus another 18. Need 36. Donate 9 to Poth

  6. Wolframsdorf Kurassiere: 27 in helmets and green facings. Receiving 9 to repaint from Arco in helmets.

  7. Poth Kurassiere: Red facings. Have none. Need 36 figures. 9 in buff and blue. 9 in buff and red and 18 in blue and blue. This is most of the repainting that will be needed.

  8. This leaves 5 more misc figures in helmets redundant that might form a squadron, but for whom?

What's the end state: 12 bn Bavarians, 4 bn Colognais, 36 sq Bavarians, 2.5 misc squadrons, plus the artillery.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Housekeeping on the Blog

Fixing a few links. Found that Silver Eagle changed last Fall, and all I can say is WOW! AOL really looks like they scored an own goal when they shut down a subscribers' website hosting server. Anyway, back to work on the grand design...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rebasing Campaign Starts

I'm looking to stretch my troops and get them based to be cross-compatible with Polemos and Ga Pa.

That means my cavalry, formerly in 3 ranks of 3 on a 20mm x 40mm base will go to 2 ranks of 3 on a 20mm x 30mm base. Then a single base will be a single squadron in Ga Pa and three in a line will be a brigade (regiment) in Polemos. It also means I'll be spinning off new units left and right by only painting a few extra figures and hopefully without doing much repainting.

For the infantry, all the 3-rank, platoon firing infantry that had a frontage of 80mm will be going down to 60mm. In the process, each will shed about 8 figures. That means for every 4 battalions, Icould get one more, but we'll see how that plays out with the desire to do little repainting, too.