Monday, October 13, 2008

Pelet et Vault

This is an essential "near-primary" source for the war. It is a multi-volume transcription of the original French archival materials-- absolutely packed with letters to and from generals plus intelligence reports and orders of battle and other useful lists.

What's better is that Google books has scanned a copy from NYPL. Now Volumes I through XI. The scans look pretty clean, but it's taking AGES to OCR the stupid books. Perhaps I shouldn't be depending on the built-in capabilities of Acrobat.

Next step may be to try some translation software, but I suspect that'll be a nightmare as well. At least if I have the books OCR'ed, I can search for words, and that will still be more useful.



Well, the move is done. We're still unpacking boxes. I'm starting to plan hosting my first game in my new garage. There is a small band of wargamers in the area, so life's good, right?